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Infrared Oven IR2102-DUAL

The Infrared oven IR2102 has been designed for the O&P specialists who need to develop larger molds such as seats for wheel chairs and much more, it combines two ovens in one. The IR2102 comes with a Roll-About Tray with Teflon membrane 84 ¼’’x 41’’ or usable as 2 x 42 ¼’’ x 41’’ (214 x 104 cm, or usable as 2x 107 x 104 cm), moveable and height adjustable for Blister-Forming Trays and a space saving sliding door and 2 adjustable heating zones.


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Product Description


The IR2102 - DUAL is the next step of the successful Witzel IR-oven line. It has been designed for the special needs of larger molds in the O&P field.  The IR2102-DUAL combines two ovens in one. A heated area of 84" x 41" (2140 x 1040 mm) allows to heat larger material sheets like for custom made seats for wheel chairs or others.  Additionally this DUAL version allows you to use the oven for two totally independent heating tasks at the same time, such as two sheets of 1x1 meter or two Blister-forming trays can be heated separately.  The double thermostat controller permits to process materials with different temperature requirements at the same time. The IR2102 - DUAL is equipped with the new next generation control systems. This allows the user to store four temperature settings which can be easily called up by use of a single button. The new two-line displays keeps the user constantly updated of the preset and actual temperature values.  Signal lights inform the user when the set  temperature of the respective process is reached, even if he is not standing right in front of the control panel.


  • 28 Infrared Quartz tubes with reflector, dual zone switching (12 or 28 tubes)

 Power supply:

  • 230 Volts, 50/60 HZ, single phase


  • 3 x 25 watts

 Temperature reading:

  • Optoelectronic IR-measuring unit, measuring of the materials surface temperature.

 Temperature control:

  • (2x) PID-Controller, infinitely variable from 30°C to 250°C.
  • (2x) Two-line display showing preset and desired temperature, four presetting’s storable, recall by speed-dial button with indicator light.

 Roll-about tray:

  • Independent, 4 locking casters, locking gas shock lift adjustment, locks at any height, single-hand operation effective heating area: W 80" x D 41" (2040 x 1040 mm)
  • Lift range: 29" - 39" (740 – 1000 mm)

 Door mechanism:

  • Space saving vertical movement, gas shock (2x) assisted, ball bearing guided, double-pane viewing window

 Outside dimensions:

  • Width: 98.4" (2500 mm)
  • Depth: 48.8" (1240 mm)
  • Height: 51.2" (1300 mm)
  • Height with doors open: 68.9" (1750 mm)

 Inside dimensions:

  • Width: 86.6" (2200 mm)
  • Depth: 42.9" (1090 mm)
  • Height: 19.7" (500 mm)
  • Net Weight988 lbs (448 kg)
  • Crated Weight: 1392 lbs (631 kg)

 Available Options:

  • Pre-Preg Option (2 ducts for Vacuum-hoses)
  • One fits all stand for Blister Forming tray (adjustable width)
  • Blister-Forming tray 360 mm

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