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Infrared Oven IR802

The Infrared oven IR802 has been design for O&P specialist, allowing to use plastic sheets up to 27 ¼’’ x 17 ¼’’ (75 x 45cm). The Infrared-tubes with different capacities ensure an optimized heating of the edges as well. The .02 series offer a new developed touch screen control paneland optical temperature sensor, timer feature, ramp feature for slow heating processes (Pre-Preg processing) and much more. The IR802 is an”Instant On” unit that never overheats, always heats evenly and uses less energy.

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Product Description


The IR802 is engineered specifically for the O&P field for heating Blister-Forming trays and small pieces of flat plastic.  As all Witzel Infrared-ovens, the IR802 uses a combination of Quartz infrared tubes and an optical temperature measuring system which measures the material surface.  The result is an ”Instant On” unit that never overheats, always heats evenly and uses less energy!

The IR802 is now equipped with the new next generation control system.  This allows the user to store 4 temperature settings which can be easily called up by use of a single button. The new two-line display keeps the user constantly updated of the preset and actual temperature values. A signal light informs the user when the set temperature is reached, even if he is not standing right in front of the control panel.


  • Infrared Quartz tubes with individual reflector,  8 x 4500W, Standby switch.

Power supply:

  • 230 Volts, 50/60Hz, single phase

Temperature control:

  • Optical temperature control system with digital PID-Controller, infinitely adjustable from 30°C to 250°C. 
  • Two-line display showing preset and desired temperature, 4 presetting storable, recall by Speed-dial button with indicator light


  • Stainless steel, inside and outside, double pane viewing window, door opens to the left side, 25W illumination

Outside dimensions:

  • Width: 35.5" (902 mm)
  • Depth: 35" (889 mm)
  • Height: 27.5" (699 mm)


  • 1 tray with Teflon coating, standard

Inside dimensions:

  • Width: 24.8" (630 mm)
  • Depth: 18.1" (460 mm)
  • Height: 18.9" (480 mm)
  • Weight: 319 lbs (145 kg)
  • Crated Weight: 435 lbs (198 kg)

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