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Pre-Preg Convection Oven PO1800

+ Energy-saving by three zone segmentation
+ Processing of normal Thermoplastics possible as well
+ Accessories for processing of Blister forming frames available as an option

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Product Description


Retain control! - The PO1800 is able to operate the heating process by the material temperature

The PO1800 convection oven has been developed for the special needs of Pre-Preg processing in the O&P field. The large housing with double doors allows to place multiple hanging moulds inside the oven. A standard 4x vacuum connector is mounted inside the oven. An external water separator is placed at the right side of the housing.

Due to the three zone segmentation the user can adjust the inside dimension of the heating cabinet. Thus the energy consumption is reduced to a minimum when processing smaller moulds. The specific zones are automatically activated by placing the intermediate shelf. If required, the PO1800 Pre-Preg oven can also be used for processing normal Themoplastics like PE or PP. Dedicated accessories like Blister-forming frames, cradles or teflon coated shelfs are available as options.

Feature overview

  • Microprocessor based control with PID feature, optimized for Pre-Preg processing
  • User friendly control interface with touch-panel
  • Equipped with exhaust connection for plaster drying tasks
  • Timer- and Ramp-feature for programming individual heating graphs
  • Mould/Material-sensor to control the unit by material temperature
  • Energie-saving 3-zone segmentation to reduce inside dimensions of the heating cabinet for small moulds
  • Standard 4x vacuum-connector with external water-separator
  • On 4 casters with stop, double doors with double-pane viewing window
  • Three zone heating cabinet segmentation by intermediate shelf


  • Dimensions: Outside: W 1230 mm x D 920 mm x H 1950 mm (48'' x 36'' x 77'')
  • Inside: W 1000 mm x D 620 mm x H 1790 mm (39'' x 24'' x 71'')
  • 400V / 50Hz / 1 or 3 Phase / (16 Amp. CEE) / total capacity 10,2 kW
  • Heating: 3x 3300W, 3x fan motor with reversing rotation direction
  • Temperature infinitely adjustable 30°C to 250°C,
  • Temperature unit adjustable °C/°F 
  • Temperature : Timer- and Ramp-feature individually programable, graphic trend indicator
  • Illumination: 2 x 25 watts
  • Colour: Inside stainless steel, outside structural effect paint RAL 9005 black, other RAL colours available on request (surcharge)
  • Weight net: 395 kg  (871 lb)
  • Crated Weight: 550 kg (1 212 lbs)


  • Accessories for processing of Blister forming frames (width adjustable) 
  • Blister-Forming frame 
  • Baumeister Pre-Preg Set for PO ovens

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